What is in the Saudi peace initiative?
A Middle East peace initiative floated by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah in 2002 is being revived at the Arab League Summit in Algiers despite that fact that it was rejected by Israel three years ago.

The plan:

The basic outline or principles of the Saudi plan are known, but the detail is vague. The main points are:

Other details are far less firm, but can be gleaned from an interview given to the New York Times newspaper by Crown Prince Abdullah:

At present the only Arab governments that recognise Israel are the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Jordan.

The idea that all Arab states might offer Israel normal relations and recognise it as a state in the region is the most striking element in the Saudi proposal.

The problems:

From the Israeli point of view, the plan as it stands has certain problems. The crucial sticking points may be:

Of course Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is, and always has been, opposed to full Israeli withdrawal to 1967 borders. Should he engage with the Saudi proposal, he will need to undergo a fundamental conversion.