Two-state plans seek to end the current status of indeterminacy and limbo. Many believe that two-state plans will prevent a possible demographic catastrophe that would destroy Israel as a democratic Jewish state. The demographic basis for this fear has been disproved in studies presented in the United States and Israel. Ironically, two-state plans that seek to avoid demographic catastrophes all permit Arab immigration west of the Jordan River into the new Palestinian state. This unlimited immigration will quickly lead to an irreversible demographic catastrophe and assure that the Jewish population west of the Jordan River will become a minority and could ultimately endanger the very existence of the State of Israel.

ALL two-state plans are fatally flawed because they propose a sovereign state that would 

         not be a viable independent entity

         oppose the existence of a Jewish state

         be led by terrorists dedicated to the destruction of Israel and become a global center of terrorism

         not resolve the claims of right of return and refugee issues

         intensify and compound existing dual-loyalty problems for Israeli-Arabs

         leave unresolved issues relating to Jerusalem and the "settlements"

         become allied and cooperate with rogue regimes and terrorists

         continue to support hate education in schools and mosques

         support anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic organizations globally

         arm with conventional and unconventional weapons

         create endless territorial, water, and resource disputes

         lead to violence, war of attrition and a major conflict

         create demographic problems between the sea and the river

         lead to demoralization and the decisive weakening of the State of Israel